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  • Professional Facial Cleansing Treatments
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About Us

Located in the heart of Singapore, One Face Medical Aesthetics Clinic is your only logical choice for a one-stop medical aesthetics centre offering expert solutions for your skin issues of cosmetic concerns.

We are committed to helping every client to look and feel good about themselves, by adopting our effective medical aesthetics treatments with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Getting Around Here

About Dr. David Ng Cheow Hua


  • MBBS (Singapore)
  • GDFM ( Singapore )
  • Dip. Pract. Dermatology ( Cardiff)
  • Certificates of Competency ( Singapore) in medical aesthetics procedures

A Message from Dr David Ng C.H.

The Facts about Women of Modern Times

Women play important roles in our current modern society and make outstanding contributions to the evolution of the modern era. They juggle multi-faceted responsibilities to fulfil the demands of their pursuit.

At home, she can be a mother or grandmother nurturing her children or grandchildren, a loving wife to her husband, a filial daughter to her parents. At the workplace, she can be a top notch professional, a thriving business owner, a successful career woman, an aspiring team leader, or a helpful colleague. In her social life, she can be the life of the party, a best friend, a good listener, a charitable volunteer, or even a passionate dream chaser.

However, we certainly understand the difficulties of being a modern woman nowadays! Along with the multi-roles women play are obligations and time pressures that can elevate alarming daily stress level in them. They strive to meet expectations of others to effect their commitments and prevent the sense of failure. Overwhelmed, they tend to forget to nurture their own needs and may not even recognize its absence.

Imagine hiding in a cocoon of indifference in your day-to-day life and marred by skin conditions affecting your outlook, personal and social verve. We are gifted with only One Face to express ourselves with, and taking care of it is like caring for a very fragile butterfly.

At One Face Medical Aesthetics Clinic, you can be assured of receiving quality medical aesthetics treatments for common skin problems of cosmetic concerns (e.g. pigmentations, acne/pimples, ageing skin, dry and sensitive skin) with competency and efficiency. We provide effective and reliable medical aesthetics treatments and solutions aimed to be result-oriented, natural looking, comfortable, and safe.

Our medical aesthetics treatments and cosmeceutical skincare products not only restore your skin's former glory but also help it shine with exquisite allure and continually nurture a younger looking you. It is about time for you to bring home the reality of renewed confidence, ravishing self-esteem and exuberance that will positively impart optimism to the world around you!

We welcome you to experience our heartfelt offerings and embark on your personal journey to discover the best possible skincare results specially tailored for you.